Mally Hams

Hobbyist breeder

Mally Hams hamstery is based in Cornwall and was formerly known as Brimblebee hamstery. I started out with breeding Campbells and have now ventured into breeding Syrians, concentrating on chocolates, recessive dappled and creams as well as some Winter Whites.

I am breeding to develop my show hamsters and I am a member of the Midland and southern hamster clubs and try to attend shows in both the Midlands and in the South. I am currently working on Rust, Black and Chocolate recessive dappled Syrians, Cream Syrians and Sapphire Winter Whites.
I hope to spread the word a little about hobbyist breeders and the benefits of sourcing a good pedigree hamster. I am gaining more knowledge and experience now and have a few litters planned for 2017. Campbells are my passion and I have a new found love for Syrians, having my first Syrian litter in August 2014. I hope to get back to Campbells soon.

I am very sorry but all breeding is currently on hold. I will update the website when I am able to restart breeding and showing.



8th August - The flossyburgs have been born in the early hours of this morning. Mum and pups all appear to be doing well.
30th July - We have mated our creams and hope for a litter on 7th August 2017
30th July - We are excited about the possibility of Campbells coming back to the hamstery in October.
30th July - We are expecting to pair 2 sapphire Winter Whites in the beginning of September.

Campbell Genetics

Campbell colours

 - Agouti (Normal)

 - Black - aa

 - Black eyed Argente - bb

 - Albino - cc

 - opal - dd

 - Red Eyed Argente - pp

 - Chocolate - aabb

 - Blue - aadd

 - Dove - aapp

 - Lilac Fawn - bbdd

 - Beige - bbpp

 - Blue Fawn - ddpp

 - Dark Beige - aabbpp

 - Blue Beige - bbddpp

 - Black Eyed Lilac - aabbdd

 - Red Eyed Lilac - aaddpp

 - Champagne - aabbddpp

Coat Patterns

 - Mottled - Mo

 - Platinum - Si

Coat types


Satin - sasa

rex - rxrx


Other genes

Umberous - uu, this makes the coat darker

Diluting - didi, this makes the coat lighter

All colour genes with the exception of Agouti are recessive, this means that you need a copy from both mother and father for a pup to be that colour. There are 4 types of colour, single colour. Two colour, for example Beige - this needs 2 copies of both black eyed Argente and red eyed Argente. Three colour for example Black eyed lilac - this needs 2 copies of black, black eyed Argente and opal. Finally a four colour which there is only one of - Champagne, for this you need 2 copies of black, black eyed argente, red eyed argente and opal. If a pup has 2 copies of the Albino gene this overrides all other colours and the hamster will be an albino. 

If a hamster doesn't have two copies of a colour gene it will revert back to an Agouti.

You can also get a Harlequin hamster although this is very rare. This is where two different coloured Genes haven't separated in the womb so you have patches of the darker colour showing on the lighter coloured coat


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Telephone - 07557531924 

Email - Mallyhams@gmail.com

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